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  • The range of our rotational moulding machines enables us to manufacture products or components of all sizes.  Some of our machines are purpose built with state of the art digital analysis allowing us to control every part of the cooking and cooling process.  This helps us to ensure the products we manufacture are the best they can be.

    Each machine has its own unique features, such as accurate temperature control, multiple arms and different moulding orientations.  We select the machine that will mould a product in the most economical and effective way. The multi-arm facility featured on selected machines means we can produce multiple product lines more quickly than most large scale manufacturing processes.

    We have machines suitable for small compact moulds, such as small holding tanks or planters, as well as larger custom built machines suitable for very large products such high volume storage tanks.

    Our machines are serviced regularly by our engineering department to keep them running at optimum efficiency.

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